12-tablet Frequently Asked Questions

What is PEPI?

PEPI is a social network for people who want a place to share their workplace moods. PEPI is a fun place where workplace moods are displayed and predicted, and a place where rewards are earned.

How Does PEPI Work?

PEPI uses login information to asses 1. Your workplace preferences, 2. Your current workplace environment. With this information PEPI will give you a unique Workplace preference Avatar, and will then asses what your current workplace “Mood” is. PEPI will also predict what your mood will be in the near future and assign a “Potential Mood Avatar”. You become a PEPSTER and start sharing with other PEPSTERS in the PEPI COMMUNITY



How often will my potential mood change?

For Paid Members a  Pepsters Potential mood will automatically change over time based on their initial log in information and PEPI’s intelligent knowledge.  For non paid users a one off PEPI Mood Workpalce preference rating, and current mood and potential mood is provided (but not updated). All Pepster can influence their potential mood rating by the amount of social activity in the PEPI community and earn badge rewards. PEPI believes that the more social interaction a Pepster has in his dedicated workpalce community, the increase in workplace mood awareness is achieved. This influences your potential mood rating. You can track your “Mood Points” under your profile information.


How do I know who is an employer in the PEPI Community?

You can check if a user is an employer, employee, or recent graduant by checking thier “About” in their profile section.  “I am an employer” will be displayed. You can also search the “groups” function in the PEPI community to find the dedicated Employer Group section.



How can I connect with like minded Pepsters?

The PEPI Social community has dedicated groups for Pepsters who have the same Workplace Preference rating.


Where can I find Pepster Job titles and geographic location and other general information?

All Pepster information is found in the users “About” link.


Can I update my Workplace Preference Answers (coloured avatar rating)?

Yes. This will change your workplace mood and your potential workplace mood accordingly. Simply go into your profile information and make the changes. PEPI suggest you only change this every 12 months or more. Please note that only paid members receive a new personalised Avatar.


Can I change my Current Workplace Mood if I want, or if I am applying for a new role etc?

Sure. This is the power of PEPI! Simply go into your profile and re-answer the “current workplace” ten (10) questions. PEPI will then send you a new AVATAR displaying your new moods!

Please note that only paid members will receive a new personalised Avatar.



Can I change my Pepster Avatar wallpaper?

Yes, but PEPI does not recommend you change your assigned background wallpaper. If you decide to change it no one will know your workplace preference, your current workplace mood, or your potential mood.

PEPI will send you your unique AVATAR and you can change your wallpaper everytime your predicted mood changes (Paid members only).

Can I share my PEPI profile with other social networks.

Yes you can. Simply click on the link in your Stream and select the social network you would like to share with



How can I post questions and read relevant answers in PEPI

PEPI has a dedicated Q&A area. This forum is the perfect place for you to learn about PEPI and ask questions of other users.











Disclaimer: PEPIHUB.COM is NOT intended for use as a recruitment site, and is NOT intended for use as a physiological assessment site, and is NOT intended for use as a means of employee or employer termination, both now or in the future. Users are advised to seek professional advice before starting or leaving employment. The term “Mood” used in PEPIHUB.COM is a general term used to describe a users workplace preference when compared with a users workplace score as entered by the user. The term “Mood” used throughout the PEPIHUB.com and AVATAR applications is NOT defining a persons emotional or physical state of mind or wellbeing either now or in the future.