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PEPI Moods Subscriber benefits ($2.00 per year) include ongoing mood predictions from PEPI and access to the PEPI Social Network (Free). This is a powerful way of staying up to date with your workplace mood changes automatically over time!


Non Subscribers can still update their current mood score (But will not receive an updated AVATAR or automatic Mood Icon), but only Subscribers will receive automatic mood prediction Icons from PEPI at regular intervals, and receive a new wallpaper AVATAR.

PEPI Social Network users (free) subscription includes a one off mood predictions from PEPI, and one off Mood Icon. This is a powerful way of knowing what your workplace mood is!


Non Paid Subscribers will receive an initial AVATAR & Icon, and can update their current mood score, but only Paid  Subscribers will receive automatic mood predictions from PEPI at regular intervals and receive a new wallpaper AVATAR 7 automatic Icon. You can upgrade your subscription at any time.

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