My Workplace Preferences & Moods test

To recieve your unique Workplace Preferences and Current or Future Workplace Moods first Login to the the PEPIHUB Network, or register here!


Once registered you can then follow these simple steps below:



  • Click your About Section

  • Complete the listed questions in your profile (2 sets of 10 questions)


PEPI will then send you a link to your Workplace Preferences AVATAR, and your Current Workplace Mood, and your Future Workplace Mood!  Note that paid subscribers will also recieve automatic updates on their future workplace Moods, however everyone can update these questions at anytime to get their latest AVATAR!

PEPI will also automatically assign a unique ICON next to your name throughout the PEPIHUB displaying your Workplace Preference Colour, Your Current Workplace Mood, and a Halo indicating if your mood is liekly to improve or not!